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{June 6, 2008}   Hello world!

My name is Maxine. I’m a teenager living on a small island in the Caribbean and I have a lot to say. I would really appreciate it if my work would be read.

    I’ve always wanted to change the world. But as I grew older, I realized how big and intimidating the world really is. My insignificant wishes compared to this is mind-blowing. Then I discovered the internet. Satelites that transfer images and text and all sorts of great stuff digitally to any place in the world – any place – and I think maybe my ideas could still reach the far corners of the globe.

     I, Max, usually think I am right. And more often than not, I am. Take just a few minutes of your time to read some of the things I’ve uploaded. It may change your life – or not. A loud laugh or a thoughtful moment for you will suffice. But you’ll never know until you click on something, would you?

       Peace always, max4love

Riginson says:

Well, I’ve always wanted to change the world too…but as a grew older I specify what and where I want to change and that is the country of my roots, Haiti…I deeply feel that this is solely my responsibility to restore the true meaning of the name Haiti – The Pearl of the Antilles. And you were right, from reading your post, I had a thoughtful moment…

max4love says:

Since I was young, I imagined growing up to have the resoures to help people in huge ways. I imagined I’d adopt several orphaned children, be able to donate to charities and find a way to fix the problem when a child becomes brain-damaged. Looking back, I see how naive I was. This world is not an easy one to “make it” in. Wanting to do something, and having the opportunity to, is – sadly – two different things.

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