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{October 29, 2010}   Thoughts

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“Battle”, my long story with Magdalena Price, is proceeding beautifically. I’m on my second fight scene. Price is faced off with five individuals. This should be fun, with ample blood loss, pain and interesting fight moves. Yay!

Word Count: 6799    Main/Secondary Characters Count: 35    Chapter Count: 7

“When You Don’t Know Something” — on this site
Word Count: 9848    Main/Secondary Characters Count: 16    Chapter Count: 6

“The Religion of Romance” — on this site
Word Count: 7523     Main/Secondary Characters Count: 18    Chapter Count: 5

My song list is on shuffle – something I don’t do often – so I’ve been hit with some random lyrics. My current favourite line from an unexpected song is “Temporary happiness is like waiting for the knife / As I’m always watching for someone to show their darker side”. It’s featured in Pink’s “Heartbreaker”. I can take this several ways. For me, though, my first thought fit the circumstances aspect. I can’t ever completely enjoy an experience because I’m waiting for something to go wrong.

I’m waiting for the happiness to end.

Because everything ends, eventually. With books, I can have tears streaming down my face at intervals, burst out into laughter at several points and be so compeltely involved with the plot that I can’t put down the novel – or close the e-book, as is often the case. I feel so empty and lost after I finish a book that has been so great. The end of anything brings me infinite sadness. I hate conclusions.

Peace always,
       Maxine “max4love”

{October 13, 2010}   New Approach

I have to say to my family often enough that I’m not interested in certain things. With peer pressure and media exposure and the internet, they get worried about me. I still collect dolls and talk about shows like “Imagination Movers” and “Dora the Explorer“. I desperately miss Blues Clues, and was super-surprised when I found out that Blue was a girl! So many things aren’t on my radar as yet – and I’m far closer to twenty years than five.

Keep checking back here, because I have a surprise! Okay, before you get too excited, it’s an essay of sorts about the “depressingly” low level of naughtiness on my radar. (I use quotations because I don’t agree with the term.) Of course, I’m also called a sexist on a regular basis, as my criticism of guys sometimes falls on reluctant ears… but back to the topic! The page will be entitled “Unclean Questions” and its already written. I’m just not putting it up yet – it’ll help build up suspense!

Below is an update on my progress on a brand-new story I started just this week. It stars Magdalena, a girl after my own heart. The book is in the theme of darkness, and very different from my usual writing.


Word Count    5,848    Main/Secondary Characters Count    27    Chapter Count    5 

Peace always,


{October 8, 2010}   Truth

So, I’m currently writing around four full-length novels and dragging my feet when it comes to posting. I’ve debated the woes of copyright and neglecting one’s daily writing. Below is an update on my progress with three of my long stories:

“When You Don’t Know Something”

Word Count    9,848    Main/Secondary Characters Count    17    Chapter Count   

“Okay”/”Oh Kay”

Word Count    37, 042    Main/Secondary Characters Count    35    Chapter Count    24   

 “The Religion of Romance”

Word Count    5,318    Main/Secondary Characters Count    16    Chapter Count    3

These are only the long stories I write with even a semblence of consistency. I have started other long stories, some as far back as years ago. I have one about a young girl who is sold into marriage to a big brute to pay off a family debt. I have another story set in an alternate dimension starring May Elizabeth Tallow, with wizards and royalty and love. Another one is one I started around the time I first became obsessed with Stephanie Meyer‘s Twilight. I had temporarily named it the Dusk of Twilight. It stars vampires and a half-black, half-Carib girl whose name is Dusk Maximum. It is very different from the Twilight saga of four books. Mine has practically no love involved, loads of body piercings, of battles, and of the history of the fey.

Of course, the long story I had started in third form had been the pride of my life. I will withhold the name for now, but it starred seven teenagers who were given divine powers; the garden of Eden; and pages of fight scenes. My main character was Christian, Francesca Flamses. A main character who walked the line between good and bad was an atheist. He was going to be the love interest of Francesca. That story has been put on hold. I had so many dreams for it, and so many things I wanted to do with it, but alas, I had put too much hope in it and I stretched it too much. I’ll let it simmer for a while longer, then I’ll pick it back up again and fall in love with it once more. I might start posting the chapters for that story as well, here .

Now, on to something more random. Controversial topics! They are the things that no one can agree on – ever!

– religion vs. spirituality

– spirituality vs. atheism

– the meaning of XOXO: hugs and kisses or kisses and hugs

– whether KFC increases the size of adolescent female’s breast size

– the validity of politicians

Until next time,

       Maxine “max4love”

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