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“Battle”, my long story with Magdalena Price, is proceeding beautifically. I’m on my second fight scene. Price is faced off with five individuals. This should be fun, with ample blood loss, pain and interesting fight moves. Yay!

Word Count: 6799    Main/Secondary Characters Count: 35    Chapter Count: 7

“When You Don’t Know Something” — on this site
Word Count: 9848    Main/Secondary Characters Count: 16    Chapter Count: 6

“The Religion of Romance” — on this site
Word Count: 7523     Main/Secondary Characters Count: 18    Chapter Count: 5

My song list is on shuffle – something I don’t do often – so I’ve been hit with some random lyrics. My current favourite line from an unexpected song is “Temporary happiness is like waiting for the knife / As I’m always watching for someone to show their darker side”. It’s featured in Pink’s “Heartbreaker”. I can take this several ways. For me, though, my first thought fit the circumstances aspect. I can’t ever completely enjoy an experience because I’m waiting for something to go wrong.

I’m waiting for the happiness to end.

Because everything ends, eventually. With books, I can have tears streaming down my face at intervals, burst out into laughter at several points and be so compeltely involved with the plot that I can’t put down the novel – or close the e-book, as is often the case. I feel so empty and lost after I finish a book that has been so great. The end of anything brings me infinite sadness. I hate conclusions.

Peace always,
       Maxine “max4love”

Mayelina says:

I know how u feel

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