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{December 28, 2011}   Happy Holidays!

I want to wish a belated Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope that a great holiday season was had by all. I was just browsing YouTube and I came across some videos I had previously “liked” that are not exactly Christmas-themed, but are still Jesus-themed. I wanted to share them with my readers.

It has annoyed me for ages that Christmas has a very different meaning to many than it has for me. I mean, the new Christmas has a jolly man in a red suit taking all the credit for presents bought by loving parents (or not-so-loving parents, but you get my point). Add to that the fact that the Christmas season is the most profitable time of year for stores, boutiques, supermarkets, malls… when the family should be celebrating the birth of God with each other – instead of potentially spending their retirement funds.

But I digress.

Here is a wonderful, heartfelt video from artist Britt Nicole, broadcasted on K-Love:



Peace always,


{August 23, 2011}   My Adventure in Haiti

Hey! Long time no write!

Recently, actually for the first two weeks of July of this year, I went to Haiti as part of the Heart for Haiti programme!

The experience was memorable. I learned so much, and I feel like I’ve come away changed. Haiti has went through a lot the past years – but it has strength and faith and impossible beauty.

Moreover, I am impressed by the artistic talents of her people.

If you’d like to see the rest of my video diary series of the trip, simply visit my YouTube channel:

Maxine “max4love”

{November 20, 2010}   Reminiscing

I haven’t been writing much lately, bombarded as I am with schoolwork and new television shows. I am, however, thinking a lot and reading quite a bit. Right now, I’m reading about Job and his friends and their views on why he is in the poor situation he is in right now. I find myself agreeing with the various sides and unable to decide who is in the right.

Last night, I planned out my third home edition board game, named after my experiences as the daughter of professional educators. Teachers are the professions most heavily taxed in the Caribbean, and my board game was inspired by that. However, the games are more comedy-oriented and related much to me and my experiences. I made most of the items myself; the dice, the bills of money, the bank holding the money, the squares of the board games, the designs and names.

I haven’t made a board game in over 3 years. I’m feeling very nostalgic right now. So fitting, I’m ending this with a recent observation: flies mate in the same position chickens do. Always with peace,


P.S. → Keep a lookout for an article page entitled “Differences” coming up soon.

{June 6, 2008}   Hello world!

My name is Maxine. I’m a teenager living on a small island in the Caribbean and I have a lot to say. I would really appreciate it if my work would be read.

    I’ve always wanted to change the world. But as I grew older, I realized how big and intimidating the world really is. My insignificant wishes compared to this is mind-blowing. Then I discovered the internet. Satelites that transfer images and text and all sorts of great stuff digitally to any place in the world – any place – and I think maybe my ideas could still reach the far corners of the globe.

     I, Max, usually think I am right. And more often than not, I am. Take just a few minutes of your time to read some of the things I’ve uploaded. It may change your life – or not. A loud laugh or a thoughtful moment for you will suffice. But you’ll never know until you click on something, would you?

       Peace always, max4love

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