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Are girls smarter than boys? Let’s take a while to delve into the essence that is girl and the essence that is not. It is a known fact that girls mature faster than boys. It is general knowledge that as we approach tertiary level, there tends to be less and less boys in school. They are drop-outs or failures, often. Why?

For a long time, it used to be that education was provided for the Western boy, the one who would be in charge of a family and be the one supporting it. If it was possible, daughters were allowed an education, but it wasn’t a priority.

These days, it seems that now that the supressed female has been given free reins on her learning, she is more capable of it than her male counterpart. My sixth form pre-university class is small, as most of our fifth formers have gone to college or entered the job market (more on this later). That established, there are 3 boys and almost 20 females. There are 6 girls present for each boy.

I think this lies largely in way of thinking. Girls, at a young age, plan. Quite a few of them plan their wedding, their general wealth they will acquire as an adult, and where they will live. A girl’s view of the world allows for them to come to these “decisions” before she is even sixteen. Whether these decisions are written in concrete or not, my point is evident. Many girls think long-term.

Boys tend to live in the moment. Boys are renowned for pushing the limit. Teen boys are often the one in the relationship pressing for romantic relationships while not taking into account possible consequences (acquiring one of the over 20 sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, maturity or feelings). This can be applied to choosing other things over studying or reviewing school work as well, eventually bringing about sever educational setbacks. Boys who do not drop out of school, and manage to complete high-school, sometimes do not continue with their schooling for some time. They go out into the job market in the hope of making some immediate cash. Finishing off school to get a reasonable, permanent job with good pay seems too much of a task. It’s the “if you could have money now, why not get it?” philosophy.

Due to the attitudes, actions and activities of boys, girls have been allowed to get the upper hand where education is concerned. Are they smarter than boys, then? We can not know for certain – yet. A female myself, I have been valedictorian two times in a row, beating out several boys for the position. However, I will not stoop to using an individual instance as proof. So, let us just wait and see in this age-old battle of girls versus boys.

      Maxine “max4love”

fweirdyal says:

You actually linked the word the ‘pregnancy’ to Wikipedia. You’re such a crazy friend of mine. Nice article, by the way.

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