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I love free stuff. I have this ingrained radar for zeroing in on places that can get me free stuff. Mostly, I like free things that I can use more than once. (So, yes, I consider other free possessions more important than getting free food.) Books, for example, are very important to me. There are many generous novelists and publishing companies that give away free stuff to the general public.


J.A. Konrath (sometimes “Kilbourn”), a unique person and author of the bestselling Jack Daniels series

Judith Bronte (Sarah Falls), my favourite writer of inspirational romance

Chris Slusser, romance and mystery stories that are truly well-written but more often than not I HATE THE ENDINGS

Fabienne G. Durdin, author of Christian fiction e-books with very realistic characters

Rachel Rossano, pure romance all the time – she enjoys the friendship setting

Rob Hopcott, who has several genres covered in each one of his books that it is hard for me to say much but I will say that his books are so mysterious that you don’t know anything until the end – awesomeness!

Stephen Leather, he could rival anyone who writes horror or principally suspenseful books – in other words, he freaked me out, but his e-books are genuinely noteworthy

Kimberly Comeaux, writes historical romance with time twists – prime example is “Wish Upon A Star”


Alinar Publishing, a website that sells novels, but gives away free e-books on joining (yes, I have an account)

eHarlequin, a world-famous publishing company well-known for its romance – and now by me for its generosity


Quite a few of the classic books, for example by Mark Twain, Jane Austen and Shakespeare, are given out free by several thousand websites. Everything I have outlined so far is absolutely legal, so don’t worry about breaking any national or international laws. Some writers and publishers are actually that nice.

World famous writers tend to be less generous, however. They are the least likely to share their work under a creative commons license for free. I have found that small-scale writers who are not making much with their profession are extremely charitable and liberal when it comes to their work. Go, poor people! Truly, though, it’s an interesting thought, that the richer you are, the less likely you will share with the public at large. It’s a sad thought too, especially when these writers have the most expensive books…

Now, onto some random questions. I think it’s time for  a less-sombre topic. I was getting into rant mode just now (and I sincerely apologise if I offended anyone). Below I have grouped completely unrelated questions in the same paragraph. Here we go:

What is the difference between lipstick and lip-gloss? What is the difference between Vista and Microsoft 2007 software? What is the difference between having a Windows Live account and having a hotmail account? What is the difference between St. Maarten October 9th 2010 and St. Maarten October 11th 2010? (Hint: this one has nothing to do with food or e-books) Has anyone noticed that ducks and a breed of nocturnal insect make the same sound? When are scientists or manufacturers going to develop a car that can submerge in water and fly over land? What does Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia, NOT discuss? Jason Mraz possesses ultimate awesomeness! (I realise that this is not a question, but it begged mention. =P ) What is the difference between techno and Metallica? Don’t Darin Zanyar and David Archuleta sound eerily alike? Are girl pop bands better than guy pop bands? If being a mama’s boy is such a terrible vocation, why do so many males refer to beautiful females as “mama”? Is “Avatar: the Last Airbender” better than “Avatar” (the movie with the blue people)?

I leave you with peace, and I hope I have whetted your appetite for knowledge and your curiosity for inconsequential, yet mildly weird, topics. As usual, I will not discuss the randomness I have outlined (the random questions). Burn with fury! Yes, I realise I’m bringing to the knowledge of my readers things they would probably never find out. However, that’s where the fun lies. Who knows? One of you might just be able to publish something awesome concerning one of the ideas I gave you.

Every question has an answer.

       Maxine “max4love”

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