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Sometimes, I dislike things or people on principle. I see them, I am aware of the judgements I immediately make, then I give the object a trial period to change my mind. That doesn’t work on everything, like a boy I had in my class for three years… he’s still on my black list.

Of course there are music artists, people who speak to my soul with their voices. Some of them, just on how they look or behave in interviews, I give them a boot. Others manage to worm their way into my heart. These are the songs that I heard that completely changed my mind about them:

Turning points:

Taylor Swift – “Teardrops on My Guitar”

Katy Perry – “Thinking of You”


No, really. My friend Yaya just dumped a heap of songs in my lap from the guy, I listened to them, their melody, their ballad-like, yet often stuck-up properties, and I was hooked.

Then there was Justin Bieber, little Mr. Thang. He got me with “Baby”, had me hungering right after I saw the video on Youtube.

Lady Gaga – “Poker Face

Paramore – “When I Caught Myself”, “My Heart”

The Disney singers, at least those who started before 2009 did, are all automatically favourites of mine, because I was a Disney baby and all (I didn’t actually work for Disney, but in a way I was always with them forever; I watched Disney all the time – I still make time for it these days.)

Singers that I loved immediately are: Alicia Keys, Cascada, Natasha Bedingfield, Pink, Billy Ray Cyrus (his ‘90’s songs), Marié Digby (her acoustic songs), Sara Bareilles, Mary J. Blige, Sean Kingston and Sean Paul.

Recently, I’ve started listening to Jennette McCurdy, Britt Nicole and Michael W. Smith. In addition, my all-time fave bands are: Linkin Park, Evanescence, Simple Plan, Spice Girls, Nickelback, Skillet and Trading Yesterday .

Generally, I go for pop, ballads and modern Gospel music. Haunting rock or powerful rock music have managed to capture my interest as well. I love Soca and traditional Calypso music, especially those songs featuring the steel pan. Different songs work with my different moods when I’m writing. Avril Lavigne, though, is an artist who manages to fit however I feel. I can write with her anytime. Thanks, Avril!

Mayelina says:

Liar!!!!! U still don’t like Paramore!!!!!!!

Yaya M. says:

Hey! Thanks for the shout out/ mention! 😀

You didn’t mention Falling Up =__=;. I’m happy for the Skillet and TY mention though.

Blog Away!

Yaya =]

max4love says:

Well, Falling Up is a great band. The bands I mentioned, though, are ones that leave such an unforgettable impact on me that I want to listen to them more often. Falling Up’s ballads are good for the thoughtful or when I want calm and sweet. Sometimes, I just want something that’s more direct and will make awsome background noise when I’m doing something else.

La Shaun says:

I think you would like the Beatles. They’re off the chain! How could you listen to Bieber? Do you listen to Owl City, BoysLikeGirls (yes its joined together) Relient k and Robin Thicke? I think you would like them =]

max4love says:

Justin Bieber has “oomph”. He is making it as the newest thing. I have songs from Owl City, but generally I’m not a fan of anything techno-ish. I never heard of BoysLikeGirls. I do listen to Good Charlotte.

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