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I’m called naïve and delusional when I’m overheard complaining about what goes on. It goes so far as my having to be informed that these things have been occurring since people existed. I’m not going to attempt to convince anyone otherwise, or pretend that it is not a part of society. What I will say is this: I believe I am a child, even at seventeen, and that sexual relations are not a significant part of my life. I don’t have “needs”, I never had a boyfriend and I never considered distracting myself from the more important things in life by even thinking about it. It always seemed frivolous and shallow for me to “need a man”. While other girls – younger than me, and whom I had known since I had moved –  began getting knocked up, I was surprised every time. It was like a blow to the gut.

What is the attraction to “all-things sex” today? Our society revolves around it. Dating people have sexual relations even if they’re not in love, or even like each other very much. It seems that just because you’re in a relationship, you automatically owe the other person, so you have to do it. Why? “The Act” takes two minutes, on average. Whoo-hoo? When people get married, they’re gifting each other with used products. The way I see it, its far more romantic to be innocents approaching the marriage bed completely belonging to each other, and each other only.

So, when I write, my girls don’t express interests in these areas. You may call that unrealistic or ignorant of me, but it’s the only way I can be fictional and yet stay true to myself. Its “draw what you see, write what you know”, isn’t it? I know that sexual relations is an integral and fairly public aspect of life. However, I know its NOT as overrated in my life. I’m immature, though, remember? So go figure.

       Maxine “max4love”

Lezandro Housen says:

hey i finally got to see this blog.

Shelly says:

I’ll have to agree with you because I am a sappy hopeless romantic at heart. 😛

It seems like the youth these days don’t value anything anymore. A kiss can be given to someone in less than three hours of meeting and maybe some ‘sexy time’ as I like to humorously call it, happens within a month of knowing each other.

I’m not trying to act to come off with a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude but honestly, these girls that value the simple things of themselves anymore.

Ah well, I just don’t care about what people do these days. I have my own problems to deal with and to concern myself with this deteriorating society and lack of self-value and morality is simply a waste of thinking space for more productive thoughts, like a cure for cancer or so forth.

Good food for the mind though, even if it’s something that reiterates endlessly and falls to deaf ears.

Krysten says:

yeah…. so….
i feel like everyone dating is attacked in this article. Just cuz theyre dating does NOT mean they’re having sexual relations. And a boyfriend and girlfriend doesnt automatically mean sex! When true boyfriend and girlfriends are actually boyfriend n girlfriend for the first time, im pretty sure sex isnt hte first thing on their mind. They’re thinking of all the ways they can find out something they DONT know about each other. and when u call it an act of 2 minutes, only then will it look terrible. anyone hooking up most proably spends two minutes. by the way WHAT exactly are u refering to with two minutes?

Boyfriends n girlfriends can be very innocent as well. alllmost as casuall as a best friend relationship.

The moment everything revolves around sex is when you allow ur self to be manipulated by the media. And yes, people do have sex just for sex and most of them are even younger than we are. but then its not everyone. just a small group. n half the time the term boyfriend n girlfriend are refering to a boy n a girl who make out and go around with everyone knowing in these cases.

and to the comment above:
You’d be surprised how many people still value a kiss. and yes it can be given with in three hours. depending on the event. spontaneous or watever.
when its sweet, tender, passionate. This is a Kiss. anyotherform is hooking up. either to become more intimate iwthout going too far or just BECAUSE.

Yaya M. says:

Krysten, she’s not bashing everyone that’s dating. Calm down. She’s means what she says in the article: She doesn’t get how some people have such little value for sex and how some people have sex because they feel that they OWE them. That’s not bashing everyone that has a relationship. It’s not even really bashing the ones she’s referring to in the article.

I don’t like to act holier than thou either. I think people do what they want. BUT I don’t like how sex is thrown around like it is nothing special. However, not everyone would share the same opinion as I do. I get it.

And to Shelly. It’s ‘sexytiemz’. Type it right! D:

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