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{September 22, 2010}   Staggering Expectations


These are my favourite types of figures of speech. Playing with words until they could mean almost anything; there is almost nothing I enjoy more than that. I try to incorporate puns, metaphors and oxymorons as much as I can when I write. Ooh, and sarcasm; musn’t forget the queen of the bunch!

My books are coming along nicely. With the encouragement of my friends, families, and accomplished authors, I am pushing forward. The fact that they expect me to be consistent makes it almost impossible for me to be lazy – but still, I manage it enough. By Christmas time, I will have at least one novel ready for publishing. Kudos to me!

So, here is the update on the writing of my main novel, which will be published locally:


   Word Count:  37, 042    Main/Secondary Characters Count: 35     Chapter Count: 24

I’m sooooooo excited! Not being lazy really has it’s perks. I can’t wait until I finish “Okay”. I can probably even write a sequel; that’s how much I adore the story and the spy world. I promise, next week, I’ll include the updates on all my long stories, including the one posted on this site. Visit max4love again.

       Love, read, hope – Maxine “max4love”


{September 18, 2010}   Oh, Crap…

I promised myself that I would work on this blog more often, and I really believed I would. Until, of course, I randomly remember that my last post was September 2nd. My dedication is truly admirable.

For those following me here, I’ve changed my mind about which story I would publish online here. I’ve swapped “Audrey” with my ingenious “When You Don’t Know Something”, accurately named as I truly could not think of something to name it. I did not have a plot idea, or anything for that matter, when I first started. Just the character Lyssi Stavidri and a new word document. Kudos to me, it is now four chapters long, and three of those are already here.

“Audrey” will join “Lyssi”, just for the sake of me being productive. Currently, I’m supposed to be working on five novels. “Okay” is named after the main character. You will notice that I do that a lot. Actally, “Okay” is about Kay Thomas, a secret agent on my fictional island Main Brooke. So far all of my stories have occurred there. Another story is “Gita”, a nineteen year old teacher who thinks too much for her own good. I haven’t touched that file in a while either. You think I would learn by now? Writing is like a fire slowly burning within me; new ideas are like wood for the flame. I start stories which seem really promising (at least to me), then I let my schoolwork or my laziness distract me, and I leave the story collecting dust for a little while. I honestly need some encouragement.

“Audrey”, of course, is the third story I’m supposed to be writing and editing. I hope you’ve noticed the key word ‘supposed’. In addition to “When You Don’t Know Something”, I’m supposed to be writing a soul-themed novel with my best friend whose Capoeira name is Supresa. I’ll add something every Thursday, then.

Okay, these words are now on the web, permanent in my eyes. Hopefully, I’ll keep up that promise. On to the world of writing and studying.

Peace always,

       Maxine “max4love”

{June 6, 2008}   Hello world!

My name is Maxine. I’m a teenager living on a small island in the Caribbean and I have a lot to say. I would really appreciate it if my work would be read.

    I’ve always wanted to change the world. But as I grew older, I realized how big and intimidating the world really is. My insignificant wishes compared to this is mind-blowing. Then I discovered the internet. Satelites that transfer images and text and all sorts of great stuff digitally to any place in the world – any place – and I think maybe my ideas could still reach the far corners of the globe.

     I, Max, usually think I am right. And more often than not, I am. Take just a few minutes of your time to read some of the things I’ve uploaded. It may change your life – or not. A loud laugh or a thoughtful moment for you will suffice. But you’ll never know until you click on something, would you?

       Peace always, max4love

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