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{October 29, 2011}   A Comeback

For my IB courses, it’s crunch time, which means less blog time. However, I still manage to waste a lot of time, or should I say that if you’re having fun then it’s not wasting time?

Researching myself recently, I found ‘me’ through (Because It’s Not Google, but better):

1) The time I was a valedictorian of my high school

2) My YouTube channel with my video diaries

3) Since I was logged into Yahoo! Answers, I found some questions that I got picked best answer for:

4) And, My new educational website, SXM Civics, among others:

So, I’m still online, even though I haven’t been blogging as much as I love to. But have free reign to miss me, any one who enjoys Max4Love, but hasn’t seen her here lately.

With peace,

Maxine “max4love”.


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