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{September 22, 2010}   Staggering Expectations


These are my favourite types of figures of speech. Playing with words until they could mean almost anything; there is almost nothing I enjoy more than that. I try to incorporate puns, metaphors and oxymorons as much as I can when I write. Ooh, and sarcasm; musn’t forget the queen of the bunch!

My books are coming along nicely. With the encouragement of my friends, families, and accomplished authors, I am pushing forward. The fact that they expect me to be consistent makes it almost impossible for me to be lazy – but still, I manage it enough. By Christmas time, I will have at least one novel ready for publishing. Kudos to me!

So, here is the update on the writing of my main novel, which will be published locally:


   Word Count:  37, 042    Main/Secondary Characters Count: 35     Chapter Count: 24

I’m sooooooo excited! Not being lazy really has it’s perks. I can’t wait until I finish “Okay”. I can probably even write a sequel; that’s how much I adore the story and the spy world. I promise, next week, I’ll include the updates on all my long stories, including the one posted on this site. Visit max4love again.

       Love, read, hope – Maxine “max4love”


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