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{February 8, 2015}   TUTORIAL! New Sims 3 Video!

 I show how I disable the jealousy system in the game in the latest video on my channel!

You may want to do this for several reasons:

1) To have a Sim cheat and not face consequences

2) To create open relationships

3) To create polyamorous relationships

Or maybe you have your own nefarious reasons, haha! ;D

In any case, the following video covers how I do it! Check out my other videos as well!

{November 16, 2013}   Hi! TS3 Talk…

I’ve updated my TS3 obsession parent page!

You can view it in the sidebar: my Top 10 favourite CC/Mods sites!

I’ve been writing off and on, and actually completed a 60K novel a few months ago.

Other than that, I’ve been quite lazy in the writing department.

 Also, check out my channel while you’re at it – “it” being minding my business.

I’ve started a the Sims 2 GBA playthrough. This is the first episode. Feel free to check out the rest! xD

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