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{March 22, 2013}   More Sims 3 CC

Within the past year, up to today, I’ve amassed a total of 864 Custom Content downloads for the Sims 3. I know, I know. My laptop hates me. Though I did recently clean out the vents with a can of compressed air to minimise overheating. So now we’re back to playing the Sims 3 – with less lags and more cool times. ;D

On the panel on your right, there are now pages for my favourite cc downloads from my favourite sites, all tested in my own base game.

Remember – if you like the pictures, you can check out the sites and download free from the original creators in .sims3pack format. Other than the fact that some outfits may not have pregnancy morphs, and one or two furniture sets require the cheat “move objects on” to be placed properly – all the cc downloads appear well in the Sims 3.

Big plus: they’re free!


Cazy Hair ArtificialLove, retextured JenniSims
Cazy Hair ArtificialLove, re-textured by the JenniSims site

See HERE for info and pics on many of the CC that I possess.


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