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{November 26, 2013}   TS3 Scenes

So I’ve been going through some old recordings I’d taken while playing the Sims 3.

I have probably had a total of 60 or 70 families since I’ve started playing the game last year! ;D

I’m also beginning to edit them into short video clips for YouTube.

Check ’em out!

“Birthday Party Gone Wrong”

“Sticking it to the Man”

On second thought, this particular one is somewhat annoying… haha!

Keep checking ’em out. More to come!

{November 16, 2013}   Hi! TS3 Talk…

I’ve updated my TS3 obsession parent page!

You can view it in the sidebar: my Top 10 favourite CC/Mods sites!

I’ve been writing off and on, and actually completed a 60K novel a few months ago.

Other than that, I’ve been quite lazy in the writing department.

 Also, check out my channel while you’re at it – “it” being minding my business.

I’ve started a the Sims 2 GBA playthrough. This is the first episode. Feel free to check out the rest! xD

{November 11, 2013}   The Sims 3 on YouTube!

I’ve recently started posting videos on my YouTube channel again!

Welcome to my monologue on my current household in the Sims 3 game.

Crazy things are happening! xD

{October 29, 2011}   A Comeback

For my IB courses, it’s crunch time, which means less blog time. However, I still manage to waste a lot of time, or should I say that if you’re having fun then it’s not wasting time?

Researching myself recently, I found ‘me’ through (Because It’s Not Google, but better):

1) The time I was a valedictorian of my high school

2) My YouTube channel with my video diaries

3) Since I was logged into Yahoo! Answers, I found some questions that I got picked best answer for:

4) And, My new educational website, SXM Civics, among others:

So, I’m still online, even though I haven’t been blogging as much as I love to. But have free reign to miss me, any one who enjoys Max4Love, but hasn’t seen her here lately.

With peace,

Maxine “max4love”.

{August 23, 2011}   My Adventure in Haiti

Hey! Long time no write!

Recently, actually for the first two weeks of July of this year, I went to Haiti as part of the Heart for Haiti programme!

The experience was memorable. I learned so much, and I feel like I’ve come away changed. Haiti has went through a lot the past years – but it has strength and faith and impossible beauty.

Moreover, I am impressed by the artistic talents of her people.

If you’d like to see the rest of my video diary series of the trip, simply visit my YouTube channel:

Maxine “max4love”

et cetera