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This is a website with a full ace of creators.

They create things like poses, hairstyles and outfits for the Sims 3. Poses are in .package form, but most of everything else can be found in .sims3pack, except for a few hairstyles. They also produce makeup and eyebrow styles.


Below are pics of the items I’ve downloaded in the past.


Additionally, if you can’t find a particular file below, through searching the website, leave a comment and I’ll try and get a link to you (it’s too many DL’s for me to attempt to link each pic individually; sorry).

Any more downloads that I make from the site will appear at the top of this page, so you’ll see right away if my addiction to downloading is getting worse.

FlorenceHairByElexis - EA Highlights

FlorenceHairByElexis-EA-S3P, by acecreators

Florence Hair, By Elexis – EA Highlights

Juliana_LittleNubie_Dress_S3P, acecreators

LittleNubie Dress, by Juliana, acecreators

PeggyFemaleHair4065_1 - SIMS3PACK_PeggyFemaleHair4065_byAnubis360, by acecreators

PeggyFemaleHair4065_2 - SIMS3PACK_PeggyFemaleHair4065_NoBow_byAnubis360, by acecreators

Peggy Female Hair 4065 byAnubis360, acecreators

SIMS3PACK_OceanMistSwimsuit_byAnubis360, acecreators

OceanMistSwimsuit_byAnubis360, acecreators

***Appears under Casual, Athletic and Career too, not just swimwear…

SurferGirlSwimsuitByElexis-S3P, acecreators

SurferGirlSwimsuitByElexis-S3P, acecreators

***Appears under Athletic and Career too, not just swimwear…

sweetly, S3P-SweetlyBrokenPeggy902FixByElexis-EA, by acecreators - PeggyHairFix


Sweetly Broken Peggy 902, Fix By Elexis-EA, acecreators

***Peggy Hair Fix

Enjoy your Simming!

– Max4Love

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