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If you’re like me, then it’s all about free stuff for you. Where you can get it, how you can get it.
Is it worth it checking out the NewSea website for the few free items it provides?
It depends on whether or not the items rock your boat.
Take a look at the pics below and decide whether you’ll want to check ’em out.

109 OPEN UP, 1344861888f7b1d14c0d23d125680b46 J106 THE MOMENT, 1354713469718d05f2057711554d41ca J126 CLIMAX, 13563522872f2a41346db3b2e091647a NewSea-SIMS3-hair-J076-Lovelution-f NewSea-SIMS3-hair-J103-Picnic-f NewSea-SIMS3-hair-YU095-Gem-f NewSea-SIMS3-hair-YU123-m YU101 Savivor, 1329743871f3dfa6f921b66e4d591f26 YU132 EVA, 135816620755416

These pictures were copied to my harddrive from the site so I’d have a record of everything I’d downloaded. Now you can use it too, and this time it’s to decide whether you’d like to download it. ;P

All of them work great with the base game, and you get to choose which age groups they apply to.

– Max4Love

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