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This is my first long story published on wordpress and my first with my fictional island, Main Brooke. It stars Lyssi Stavidri, a teenager living in modern Main Brooke, attending Cadaver High in Druider, Flounder County. She is opinionated and unique. The story holds writing ideals that I hold dear: a little romance that might not go anywhere, some mystery and possibly something bloody, dangerous and angst.

Of course, the Lord is featured here as well, but not as much as I’d like, and not nearly as much as my other long stories. Lyssi is not a very religious person, but who knows? That my change. Readers, you may check out the chapter pages…

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Random Notes Around Time of Writing —

      “When You Don’t Know Something”:

June 18, 2010: Writing Diary

I’m supposed to write every day. I’ve lost some edge. This quick writing is to start the juices flowing.

Anyway, in a day I’ll be seventeen. I’m not nearly as excited as Miley Cyrus was. I don’t look forward to getting older. Besides the wrinkles, getting weaker, getting all these illnesses much easier – cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, weaker muscles, bones and joint fibres, etc, etc – it is the fact that I’m losing my innocence. It’s not the way you think. I am beginning to think less like a child and it’s annoying the heck out of me. I am no longer eligible to the age group which ends mid-teen. Almost everything I buy has to be bought adult price. I don’t want to be one of them.

 Okay, okay, okay. Let me use this document for what I’m supposed to be using it for. Description, hmm. When I write, I must try to involve all the senses. Let’s see. I really usually only appeal to sense of thought. That’s not really a sense at all, is it? What I usually do is tell what is happening and throw in some dialogue. Not very James Patterson, huh?

 Well, it is precisely 7:35 AM at this moment. I am sitting at the computer. My nasal cavity tickles. I’ve got an itch on my left leg. Avril Lavigne is singing “Don’t Tell Me” in the background. I’m wearing a soft caramel, black, brown and white striped shirt with knee-length blue jeans and a cute pair of blue slippers with butterflies on them. I smell pleasant, not fresh because I haven’t taken a shower yet, but like very mild breath mints. I am slumping slightly in my seat. Now I’m not. Every time I remember, I sit up straighter, but I forget to remember most of the time.

 The song has now changed to “Fall To Pieces” in my media player. I’m scanning through my writing here… I seem to have some undercurrent of humour under my words, as if I am being slightly sarcastic. I wasn’t, honestly. But I can’t tell. Maybe my muse is active after all. Yea! Or maybe it is because of Avril Lavigne. Currently her playlist is the only one that’s up. Me, shuffle, no way!

 I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. I’ve only drank a cup of tea. My stomach burns with dissatisfaction but I so do not feel like walking down those stairs and hunting up a meal. Even though my mother still has half a large pack of marshmallows in the refrigerator. Nah, not even for that.

 Well, I have just cut out several pages of “Okay”, dropping the page count by about five standard pages and it hurts. A lot. Excuse me for a moment, I have to, uh, use the bathroom…

… And I’m back. “Nobody’s Home” is playing now. Wow, you know, I’ve been having the most awesome idea. I could publish this thing in a blog. Hmm, not too bad.

 Anyway, what I had planned for “Okay” was a spy slash Christian slash pseudo-romantic slash action slash philosophical kind of book. I’m down to forty-four (standard) pages and I feel like crap. I want to finish the book but I am pretty sure that even writing the first twenty pages had taken up significant hours of my life. I had neglected studying, sleep and, well, not eating because I snuck up food most of the time – but you get the drift.

 I wanted to have fun with a romance that would go nowhere while I brought God’s wisdom and strength into everything. I think I’m doing a bang-up job. On top of that, I’ve lost the document – completely legal, downloaded copy – of a book that helps with plots. I wasn’t even halfway through reading it.

 I’ve just noticed something. When I get agitated, and I am sitting down, one of my feet start bouncing up and down rapidly on my toes. Currently it is my right foot, though my left foot sometimes joins in if it is not resting against something solidly enough – like the chair leg.

 “I Miss You” by Avril Lavigne is now playing. It reflects my melancholy mood. I feel like… I don’t know, honestly. This is more of a writer’s reluctance than a writer’s block. I have closed and saved the Kay file and it’s cut. Saving cuts make them less painful to make. Who knows? I could even use the cuts in other books. 

 Look, I’m leaving. I’m going to grab something to eat and then I will read something from Madeline Hunter. I have to remember to call my friends around 10:00 AM to ask them to join me at Ephesus for church tomorrow for my birthday.

       Maxine “max4love”

La Shaun says:

was the bathroom breaks really necessary? =s
and thats a lot of ‘slash’es

max4love says:

I was simply trying to write down everything that was happening at that moment. It would either translate as humorous or ridiculous to a reader. I had hoped for humorous 😉

Lalit Menghani says:

I havent read this yet, but im sure its awesome.

fweirdyal says:

Hahahahaha…. you spell “smell” incorrectly.
Wait… leave the three dollars slippers alone.
I don’t like you anymore.. but I love your blog.
Buena Suerte!

Paayal says:

Maxine, don’t worry about growing up because no matter how old or mature we get, we always have that little immaturity in us! 🙂

Hello there! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if
you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my
comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m
having trouble finding one? Thanks a lot!

max4love says:

Actually, I know zilch when it comes to things like that. WordPress is cool for coming with functions like that built-in. ;D You might try researching this. is one of the sites that typically has info about EVERYTHING. Good luck!

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